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Bots draft

Messagepar Xuelynom » 03 Déc 2019, 22:21 ... ing_draft/

Takeaway N°1 : Forcing Blue Mill is now a really bad idea. bots now pick Blue Mill cards much higher (average 2ish instead of 6ish). Complete nerf.

Takeaway N°2 : Red and green are now the underdrafted colors leading to some strong WR increase if your decks are base Red and/or Green. And this is where you can exploite bots now

Takeaway N°3 : Mono color decks are still (and even more ) the most effective archetype (except mono Blue) with WR close to 60% (instead of 55%) when 2 colors are at 52%. Mono white aggro is at 66% but (be aware data sample is still small)

Takeaway N°4 : Black take a hit too but smaller nerf than Blue. The color works now more as a support color. Control strategy is almost gone
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